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Comprehensive Development Plan for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and south-southeast Mexico, vol. 1

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UN symbol.: LC/TS.2021/7 240 p. Editorial: ECLAC September 2021


The Comprehensive Development Plan aims to create a sustainable development space and generate opportunities to improve the quality of life of the people of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and south-southeast Mexico, thus making migration a choice rather than an obligation. This is an joined up response by the United Nations system, which seeks to generate synergies and coordinate actions with the countries at the centre and the support of subregional integration institutions.

Table of contents

Foreword .-- I. Priority areas for promoting development in northern Central America and
south-southeast Mexico .-- II. A commitment to development .-- III. Policy recommendations .-- IV. Comprehensive development plan: a strategic proposal .-- V. Country prioritization process. A. El Salvador. B. Guatemala. C. Honduras. D. México.